Day Trip to Solvang and Santa Barbara Part 2 Solvang

Continuation from Day Trip to Solvang and Santa Barbara Part 1 Ostrich Land

Solvang is a few miles east of Ostrich Land.  When Varya and I arrived we were able to find a place to park on the street just adjacent to the center of town.  There is plenty of free parking everywhere since Solvang is such a tourist spot.  The city was surprising empty considering it was a Saturday but I figured it could have been from the heat or that school had started in many parts of the country leaving fewer tourists around. 

Solvang is a place I have visited many times since my childhood.  The picture below is from a trip I took with my family in 1983.

Alisia in Solvang Shoe 1983

The town of Solvang is a Danish community settled in 1911 by a group of teachers who were tired of experiencing the winters of the Midwest.  I can’t say I blame them. Many of the buildings constructed are of Danish style architecture and are well preserved today.  It is estimated that this tiny little town has upwards of one million visitors a year. 

Hamlet Square Solvang

Windmill Solvang

As we walked around the town I remembered many of the times I visited the area and how much I appreciate it.  We soon came across the shoe store where the famous clog was still on display outside.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take another picture in front of it and since it was Varya’s first time we had to get a shot of her with the shoe too.

Varya at Shoe Solvang 

Alisia at Shoe Solvang

We continued walking around the streets window shopping and at times walking into stores to take a closer look and cool off a bit.  There are clothing stores, gift shops, children’s apparel and food everywhere you turn.  The restaurants and food choices are endless.  There are not only restaurants but also bakeries and wine tasting rooms throughout the area as well since the Santa Ynez Valley is known for wine.

Varya at Mortensen's   

Pasteries at Mortensen's

Eventually it got so hot and there was nothing left to see so we decided to get a late breakfast at a local restaurant called The Belgian Café.  Inside we reviewed the menu that offered basic breakfast items like eggs, crepes and pancakes.  The service was fast and friendly and the food good and did I mention it was nice and cool inside?

Breakfast Place

Crepes   California scramble

After breakfast we decided that there was nothing else to see so we walked back to the car.  The temperature was approaching the 100 degrees mark and it was time to move on to the much cooler weather in Santa Barbara and the Painted Caves.  Below are a few other pictures I took in Solvang.

Random Cool Car Solvang

Flowers in Solvang

Blooms in Solvang

Next stop: Santa Barbara and the Painted Caves 

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  1. Alisia says:

    I know. That picture was taken 29 years ago! Time goes by so fast.

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