Harrods Food Hall in London

During my last trip to London I visited Harrods department store.  Harrods is the largest department store in Europe boasting over 1 million square feet and occupying over 5 acres of space.  Harrods has been open since 1849 and has over 330 different departments where you can find just about anything you are looking for under the sun.  One of Harrods most famous owners was the Fayed brothers who brought the store in 1985.  Mohamed Al- Fayed was the father of Dodi Al-Fayed who dated Princess Diana after her divorce from Prince Charles.  The Fayed brothers sold Harrods in 2010 to Qatar Holdings.

Outside of Harrods

Although I had high hopes in enjoying the food hall and possibly tea, the store was so crowded that it was virtually impossible to navigate around without being pushed and prodded from all directions.  The place was packed and I hate crowds so I made my way to the food hall to take a few pictures and then got out.

Packed Food Hall

Packed Harrods Food Hall

Caviar is one of the many foods available in the Harrods Food Hall

Caviar in Harrods Food Hall

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish at the Harrods Food Hall

Octopus Salad

Octopus at Harrods Food Hall


Sushi at Harrods Food Hall

Savory Pies

Meat Pies at Harrods Food Hall


Chocolate at Harrods Food Hall


Baklava at Harrods Food Hall

If you have a chance to visit Harrods I would highly recommend it.  My advice is to go during off hours or try to find a time during the day when it isn’t so crowded.  I understand there are better food halls in the area which I hope to try the next time I’m in town.

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