Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Hawaii

I had the chance to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the beaches of Waikiki on the island of Oahu.  This is the largest Hilton property in the world and is built on 22 acres.  This oceanfront resort is located on Duke Kahanamohu Beach, which was rated the #2 Beach in America for 2012 by Forbes magazine. It made the list in 2011 and 2010, too. Part of the beach has very small waves and is very calm.  It’s definitely not for someone who wants to surf or do any kind of wave riding.  Instead swimmers choose different rafts and inner tubes to relax in while basking in the sun.

Picture by Hilton Hawaiian Village 

Hilton Hawaiian Village

I arrived at the beach late in the day around 5 o’clock.  The weather was still great and the beach was fairly empty.  There were still a number of people enjoying the 80 degree weather and sunshine.  A couple that was sitting by me was getting ready to leave and offered me their raft.  So I jumped on the offer taking it right into the ocean and making the most of the water.  When I was ready to leave, I handed the raft off to a mom who was there with her daughter.  They had the same reaction I had when I got the raft and jumped right into the water.

Hilton beach front by Ryan G on Yelp   

Hilton Beach Front by Ryan G on Yelp

There were many things I liked about the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  The first is the perfect location.  It is right on the beach and isolated from other resorts.  Secondly are the amenities. There are four pools to enjoy and one is only for children. There is also a camp on site for children. During my stay, I saw many of the activities the children participated in. It seemed to be so much fun, I wanted to join in.

 View of lagoon by Angela K on Yelp

Lagoon Angela K on Yelp 

Other amenities include shopping from high end designers to an ABC Store and many different things in between. There is a fitness room that was very clean and stocked with all types of workout equipment. I decided to start my health kick at the time and went to the gym just about every morning during my stay.  There is a spa that offers a number of body and facial treatments. There are also 18 restaurants including two Starbucks, a Lambert’s Ice Cream Shop, pizza, sushi, Benihana, a deli, and much more. The list of food vendors is pretty extensive for one location.

Marketplace by Gidget T on Yelp 

Market Place by Gidget T on Yelp 

My last thing I liked about the resort was the friendly staff.  I had a great experience interacting with the people who worked at the Hilton.  They were all very friendly in directing me to which ever building I was looking for.  With 5 room towers and building spread out throughout the 22 acres it can take a little while to get the lay of the land but with a full staff you are never far away from someone who works on the property.

Flamingo’s by Serious C on Yelp

Flamingo's by Serious C on Yelp

My room was in the recently rennovate Rainbow Tower.  Over looking the ocean it was a great place to stay.  The Rainbow Tower has one of the elevators that you input your room number in before entering an elevator.  Once on board you don’t hit any buttons.  It takes a little getting used to and it’s funny to watch people that tried to jump on the first available elevator.  They soon realize that there are no buttons to press and had to exit on the first stop.

 Picture taken from my hotel room

 View from Rainbow Tower

I had a fantastic experience the week I visited the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  This is a great place to bring a family.  It is also a larger resort with a lot of people so if you are looking for a boutique experience this place isn’t for you but if you are looking for a place that you can go to and stay in one place you might want to consider the Hilton Hawaiian Village.


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