Hit and Miss Breakfast Spots in Charleston South Carolina

During my trip to Charleston South Carolina, I took the opportunity to try three different restaurants for breakfast, all of which I found online.  I had two good meals and one very disappointing meal, although according to their signs they were voted,  “The Best Breakfast” in Charleston.  All of the restaurants were within walking distance from my hotel in the Historic District.

Day one brought me to Barbara Jean’sBarbara Jean’s is a causal, laid back restaurant with good Southern food.  It’s conveniently located right across the street from the Market and was right around the corner from my hotel. I ordered the eggs with ham, grits and jalapeno corn bread.  The service was slow but I was in the South so it was to be expected.  The restaurant was decorated in a country feel which was fitting considering I was in the low country.  Nothing was fancy here but everything was fresh and tasty.  The entire meal was about $6.  The total bill when I added in my coffee was about $9.  Breakfast was very filing and satisfying.  Barbara Jean’s was great and I would recommend coming here.

Breakfast at Barbara Jean's in Charleston SC

The second day I was looking for another restaurant when I came across Toast.  The restaurant looked cute so I decided to give it a try.  There was a sign giving Toast accolades for being the best breakfast spot in town.  I was quickly seated and an overly friendly server who felt completely inauthentic came to help me.  I decided on two eggs over medium, bacon and grits.  I had such a good meal the morning before I thought why mess with a good thing.  The food came out pretty fast and the eggs were a little over cooked.  The bacon was ok but the grits were a train wreck.  They were tasteless and runny.  The worst part was that they were under cooked so every time I bit down I got hard bits.  The combination of a runny consistency and hard pieces was gross.  After one bite I put my spoon down and I was done.  I wouldn’t recommend this place.  Any restaurant in the South that can’t cook grits should be avoided like the plague.

Breakfast at Toast in Charleston SC

On my last day in town I went to Eli’s Table which is the restaurant I was originally looking for on the second day.  The restaurant was nicely decorated and I was one of only a few patrons inside a little after seven in the morning.  I quickly looked over the menu and decided on the ham and Swiss cheese omelet.  I also ordered the grits since I didn’t want the horrible experience from the day before ruin my love of breakfast grits.  The food came out fast and was full of flavor.  There was plenty of cheese and ham in the omelet.  The grits were the best breakfast grits I can remember having and unlike the previous day when I put my spoon down because it tasted like slop, today I had to put my spoon down so I wouldn’t eat the whole bowl.  Both the meal and service were great.  I would highly recommend Eli’s Table.

Breakfast at Eli's Table Charleston SC

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2 Responses to Hit and Miss Breakfast Spots in Charleston South Carolina

  1. Erika says:

    Next time in town, try the big breakfast burrito at Barbara jeans… It is awesome. There biscuits are homemade and phenomenal. If you have room or can get a bite of someone else’s, the pancakes have a great flavor… No need for syrup!! I live here in charleston and frequent the restaurant often… Always great!!

    • Alisia says:

      I heard about Barbara Jean’s from the flight attendant. I wanted to go in for lunch and try the salad she was talking about but had meetings. I’m sure everything is great!

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