Joe Fresh in New York City

Ok, so I would guess that you have probably never heard of Joe Fresh. I found Joe Fresh on Pinterest and was sad to learn that they don’t sell their clothes online. I read an article about the history of the store which oddly enough started in a grocery store chain in Canada. I thought to myself, “How in the world could clothes sold in a grocery store become so popular?” As I continued reading the article it became very clear how it happened.

Joe Fresh is the brain child of designer Joe Mimran. Still haven’t heard of him? He was the creator and genius behind Club Monaco. Not the Club Monaco that is around today which, well I will save my opinion but the Club Monaco of the early 90’s whose clothes fit you like a glove. Some of you might remember when Banana Republic started they just sold safari clothes and I remember over the years they went back to that theme from time to time so I couldn’t find the staples that I needed for my wardrobe. So when this happened in the early 90’s I would go the Club Monaco . They had the best clothes and the best fit. Once it was sold it became a whole other story but in its day it was the best.

Anyway, I kept logging onto the Joe Fresh website for months and waiting anxiously for my trip to New York City in July. A part of me was skeptical because I saw the low prices and though how are they going to pull this off. I walked into my first of three Joe Fresh stores in NYC during a sale and was over whelmed. People were grabbing in front of me and clothes were selling for next to nothing. I hate crowds so I slowly walked out of the store without buying anything.

These are pictures of their store on 5th Avenue.

Joe Fresh Flagship Store on 5th Avenue

Joe Fresh Flagship Store on 5th Avenue 2Joe Fresh Flagship Store on 5th Avenue 3

Later in the day I came across another Joe Fresh (the store on 5th Avenue store pictures above) that wasn’t so busy and had time to try on clothes. I stared at the mirror in disbelief once my first outfit was on. It fit me like a glove. I tried on piece after piece and they all fit perfect. I bought everything I tried on and nothing needed alterations which is unheard of for me.

The total for everything below was under $150! When I got back to my hotel room I took pictures of everything I was so excited!

Maxi Dress – I think this was on sale for $15.  I wore it all summer and love it!

Maxi Dress from Joe Fresh NYC

This denim shirt is great and fits like a glove!

Denim Shirt Joe Fresh NYC

These pants fit great and are so comfortable.  I wear them when I travel since they’re so comfortable.

Pants from Joe Fresh NYC

This dress is 100 % silk and again fits beautifully.  I wore it to my nephews 1st birthday!

Sun Dress Joe Fresh NYC

Great T-Shirt for $5.  If I knew how great it would wash I would have bought more.

T-Shirt Joe Fresh NYC

Belt and small bag.

Belt and Bag Joe Fresh NYC

I was happy that I found great pieces but sad that I wouldn’t be able to shop at Joe Fresh until I returned to New York. Then I heard the news that Joe Fresh struck an agreement with JC Penny and will be one of the new stores in JCP starting in Spring 2013. Their brand will not only be sold in stores but on the JCP website. Don’t let the low prices fool you. The clothes at Joe Fresh are fantastic!

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  1. Love it, I will be looking for Joe Fresh at JCP. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xoxo

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