Mouth Watering Food at Montrio Bistro in Monterey, California

One early evening in Monterey, California, I was searching for a restaurant for dinner. I had already changed into comfortable clothes when I found Montrio Bistro on the Internet. Looking over the menu, I found many interesting dishes. I also found several reviews that raved about their offerings so I decided to make a reservation.

Sign Photo Posted by Ralph W. on Yelp.

Montrio Bistro Monterey, California Ralph W on Yelp 

Montrio Bistro is located in downtown Monterey. Walking in, I was greeted by a friendly hostess who accurately guessed who I was when I told her I had a reservation. It was early in the evening, so the restaurant was empty. The hostess asked me asked if I wanted to eat in the bar or the restaurant. Since there was a football game being televised in the bar, I decided to eat in the dining room. I was led to a private, corner table with a view of the entire restaurant.

The waiter came over, introduced himself as Jose, and gave me the drink menu. There were many interesting drinks. I opted for the Cadillac Marguerita Herradura Reposado, with Cointreau and Grant Mariner. When the drink arrived it didn’t look too impressive, but after taking a sip I noticed it had a smooth taste and was very potent.

Drink: Posted by Shiho F on Yelp (not the Marguerita)

Drink Photo by Shiho F on Yelp Montrio Bistro Monterey California  

I was then served warm bread with a plate of olive oil and vinegar. I read the menu as I sipped my margarita and snacked on the fresh-baked bread. So many choices! Dungeness Crab Cakes. Roast Duck Breast. Seared Scallops. I couldn’t choose, so I asked Jose for a recommendation. He suggested the pancetta-wrapped prawns in picked slaw and the lobster mac-and-cheese. I went for it.

Other small dish item that I almost ordered pictured below.  Pig Plate: Posted by Tadaa L. on Yelp.

Pig Plate Photo by Tadaa L on Yelp Montrio Bistro

The food arrived and, for side dishes, they were generously-sized portions. The pancetta-wrapped prawns came with two prawns on a bed of slaw. I took a bite and the flavor burst in my mouth. Sautéed with butter and rosemary, they tasted fantastic. The slaw had a strong kick. The the cherry port vinegar that they used made it too big of a kick. As for the prawns, though, I was sold. Their flavor was bold and robust, and the quality more than made up for the slaw that wasn’t to my taste.

Prawns:Posted by Norm H. on Yelp

Prawns by Norm H Yelp Montrio Bistro Monterey, CA

Next came the lobster mac-and-cheese in what appeared to be a cast iron skillet. Again, it was a nice size for a small dish. It was sprinkled with toasted panko crumbs and topped with peas. I took a bite and was immediately surprised at how much lobster it had. The taste was unbelievable. I was transported to heaven. After just a few bites, I started getting full from all the rich ingredients. Jose returned, asking if I had decided on dinner. I was too stuffed to think about dinner, but I was interested in dessert. I knew I’d only be able to eat a few bites, but I didn’t want to miss a few bites of something great.

Mac and Cheese:Posted by Nicole D. on Yelp.

Mac and Cheese by Nicole D on Yelp Montrio Bistro Monterey, California

I looked at the menu and, once again, there were many dessert options, including smores, chocolate ganache cake with caramel mousse, caramel and coffee ice cream, and a classic crème brûlée. I was hovering between the ganache and the crème brûlée. When Jose returned, I again asked for his opinion: “What’s the most popular dessert?” Jose answered, “The warm white chocolate brioche bread pudding with passion fruit ice cream.” “OK. I’ll try it,” I said. I couldn’t put the tastes together in my head, but if that was the most popular dessert, I was going to give it the old college try.

When the dessert arrived, it didn’t take me long to dig in. The combination of warm brioche bread pudding and passion fruit ice cream was genius. The bread pudding had the perfect consistency of moisture to crispness. By this point, I was so full that it took me about twenty minutes to take another four bites. Nonetheless, I kept thinking: just one more bite, just one more bite.

Dessert:Posted by Corina O. on Yelp.

Bread Pudding Corina O Yelp Montrio Bistro  

I had a wonderful experience at Montrio Bistro with the food, drinks and service. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves food!

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  1. David says:

    hmmmm, I think I will try Montrio Bistro when I will be in Monterey. Thank you for sharing.

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