My Beloved Rose Garden

There is a rose a garden a short walk down the street from my house and although it isn’t mine, I call it mine. It’s located in a public park on the bluffs overlooking the ocean.  I’ve always loved this garden and have shared it with you before.  It is a place of refuge for me when I am having a bad day and on good days it just makes my day even better.  I often walk down to the roses and ponder what is happening in my life.  By the time I get to the garden I’m usually ready to let go of whatever is on my mind and wipe the slate clean.  I do this by smelling the sweet scent of the fragrant roses.

Roses in Full Bloom

Yellow Roses


A few weeks ago I walked down to my beloved garden after a mind numbing day of work, looking forward to smelling the roses and brightening my day.  When I arrived, to my shock and dismay my roses were gone.  They were pruned down to nothing.  In that instant my heart sank and a wave of sadness came over me.  I was surprised to feel such intense emotions from the loss of my roses.   I knew that they would eventually have to be pruned but I just wasn’t expecting everything to be gone.

Pruned Roses

Pruned RosesPruned Roses

Still in shock, I decided to take a seat on a nearby bench and look at the ocean.  I realized how the roses were such a perfect metaphor for life.  Sometimes, unexpectedly, something comes into our lives that completely tears us down and rocks our world.  It’s not to hurt us but to teach us and make us better.  Knowing this doesn’t take away the pain or make it any easier but if we keep our sight on the possibilities, we have the ability to create something bigger, better and more beautiful than what we ever had before.  As for my roses I have faith that when they grow back they too will be bigger, better and more beautiful than they were before.


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