Rock Springs Cafe in Arizona

I’ve made the drive from Phoenix to Sedona many times and I really didn’t think there was anywhere interesting to eat between the two locations but while watching a TV show that featured the top 10 bakeries in America they just so happened to mention the Rock Springs Café.  Coincidentally, I happen to watch this show on Netflix while I was in Sedona and thought it would be fun to stop in and try a piece of their famous pie on my drive back to Phoenix.

This middle of nowhere café sells close to 200 pies a day and many of their pies are ordered and shipped across the country. The Café was really cute and probably has never been updated since they opened in 1918 but I think that’s part of its charm.

Rock Springs Cafe in Arizona

Rock Springs Cafe in ArizonaRock Springs Pie Company in Arizona

I decided on the mixed berry pie with a scoop of ice cream.  Unfortunately, they were out of ice cream and instead gave me a little whipped cream on the side to eat with my pie.  The first thing that struck me when I took a bite was that I didn’t taste the crust.  The crust is usually my favorite part of the pie so it is usually the first thing I notice and although the crust didn’t play a big part of the flavor profile, the pie was fantastic!

Mixed Berry Pie at Rock Springs Cafe

If you happen to be driving to or from Sedona stop in to the Rock Springs Café and taste the pie for yourself!

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