The Inca Ruins of Moray in the Sacred Valley, Peru

There are so many beautiful sites around the Sacred Valley in Peru.  One morning I decided to visit the ancient Inca site of Moray.  The ride was about an hour from the town of Ollantaytambo and the drive was beautiful.  I was with a friend and we decided to hire a taxi instead of joining a tour.

When we arrived at Moray we were approached by a man who asked us if we had tickets. He was the administrator of the site and since there was no official entrance, he had to catch each person as the cars drove in. We walked over to the ticket office and paid the 10 soles ($3.30 US) for admission.  The entrance was up the hill and it wasn’t until I got to the top of the hill that I was able to see the enormity of the site.

View from up top at Moray in Peru

Center of Moray

Moray is a series of circles within more circles. It was known as the place where the Incas did a lot of experiments but not much more is known about this area.  It is also suspected that Moray was used to plant crops but it is not known for sure.  I continued up the path and made my way to a photo spot and then continued on to stairs that lead down to the bottom of the circle.

Side View at Moray

The stairs were no ordinary stairs; they were stairs that were built into the stone.  The stone were not a staircase but more like stepping stones down to the next level. At times the stepping stones were steep and other times they weren’t as steep but I still had to concentrate on every step I took. Each of the balconies were about 6 feet high and about 12 feet deep so after I finished the steps I walked along the grass and then continue to the next set of stairs going down.  It was a genius way to preserve the shape of the circles and also allow people to move between levels.  The design was pure genius.

Stairs at Moray

It wasn’t long before I was at the bottom of the ruins.  When I got there I realized a few things.  The first was that it was very peaceful.  The second observation was that I could hear every word that anyone was speaking up above. The sound carried from every location around the circle and it was crystal clear.

View from Below at Moray

Another view from bottom of Moray

The rain started coming down and more and more people were reaching the bottom of the site so it was time to leave and start the next adventure.

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